MIDI Keyboard - not consistent with note input

Hello any friendly helper,

I have just recently downloaded to the latest upgrade and for some reason, when it comes to note inputting with caret and using the MIDI Keyboard, it will work only once with my MIDI keyboard at the beginning of a fresh session, and then for some reason will not continue for me to use my MIDI keyboard and I have to resort to using my keypad which is unusual.

The only way it will re-correct itself is if I re launch Dorico, but then the problem arises again after this re launch.

I am so curious as to why this is happening and wondered if anyone could possible navigate me to correcting this issue. It has been this way for the last two days since I returned from travels so I thought it was time to take action and ask the forum!

Any insight would be most helpful,


What kind of MIDI keyboard do you have, Amanda, and how is it connected to your computer?

Hi Daniel,

My keyboard is YAMAHA S90 XS and its connect through a DIGIDESIGN Unicorn MIDI time piece…

I don’t know if its just a co-incidence with the upgrade or something faulty at my end. I might just start a whole new session and se if the problem persists as this session was imported from the session I was traveling with while in London.

Thank you!

Well its interesting,

I just opened a new session and now MIDI imput seems to be fine… I think there was an issue possibly with me transferring the session from my lap top that I was working on in London to my studio version of Dorico in Dubai… Do you think that might be possible? If so, I may have to start from scratch to avoid this complication with my MIDI being fickle?

Hmmm, interesting! I will transcribe in a new session and persist!


An update.

The problem has started to occur again in this brand new session with MIDI keyboard input not responding. It was responding for a much longer time in this new session and then it just stops and I have to revert to keyboard input which takes a lot longer to input notes.

Does anyone else have this issue…or is there possibly something faulty on my behalf? I’ll say it again, I have not had issues with this before in the past with Dorico.

Thank you in advance.


To me this sounds like a hardware/connector/cable problem.
Could you please check if the MIDI cables are intact and inserted properly?

if your usb cable is faulty it will work most of the time, but when twisted or bent it will not. My money is on the cable.

I’ve just (hopefully) fixed an issue that could be the same as you are experiencing. If one of your MIDI devices outputs MIDI Sysex then this can cause Dorico to lose events or hang, since some devices produce a large number of sysex messages, and this caused Dorico to spend lots of time responding to those events (and it couldn’t do anything useful with them). Dorico now filters these out. This change will be in the next update.

Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for this. I work extensively in LOGIC and my cables have been fine with this program so I do not feel this is the issue. So your message explains a lot. When are they proposing the next update will be ready? I heard it would be December?

Thank you kindly for shining in…

We’re aiming for before the end of the year.

Other mac users may be able to chime in here: are there any apps that you can use to filter out the sysex?

Possibly you could use MidiPipe to filter out any SysEx messages coming into the program in the short term.

I don’t know if MidiPipe is the same as MidiOx, but MidiOx has some great features on it…it solved a lot of problems I was having to get an old M-Audio MidiSport 8x8 patchbay to work with modern computers. Al

Thank you everyone for chiming in… most appreciated and I will endeavor to explore these suggestions…

Many thanks again!


Dear Paul,

I am delighted to tell you that the problem appears to have disappeared since I upgraded to 1.2 as of yesterday!

I am very relived and all appears to be stable at this point of engraving…Thank you for fixing that issue. It is a huge relief… I am loving the new upgrade. Also the time it takes to SAVE the session seems to be significantly improved also from a few months back…All is going very well…thus far…But I am sure I will still have questions…


Thank you to you and your team…Appreciated!