MIDI Keyboard not playing


I’ve just opened Dorico 4.1 for the first time and I’ve got a problem with my MIDI keyboard not playing notes.

I can trigger notes in HALion and the Write mode keyboard, however I can’t get any audio when I play my MIDI keyboard. There is a green light in the bottom right corner when I play a note, and the notes are being placed on the staff correctly when I input them.

I’m bit stuck!

Many thanks

Pat K

Mac or PC? And how are you connecting the keyboard? USB, midi interface or Bluetooth?

Does the keyboard work in any other program/daw?

Mac, keyboard is connected via USB, keyboard is working normally with other programmes.

Note: the keyboard is working with Dorico, I’m just not getting any play through from the VST. Note input is working; the VST plays back any notes from the staff, and can be triggered with the mouse.

Hi @Pat_K, could it be that you have the same issue as described In this thread?

Hi Ulf,

Yes, this sounds like a very similar issue!

I have the same issue, and also found a solution:
In Edit > Preferences > Play, turn off and on “Enable MIDI thru”
Now it should work.

As mentioned in the other thread, there will be soon an update coming out with a fix for that issue. A little patience please.

Please get the 4.1.10 update which just got released.

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Enable MIDI thru seems to reset the issue, but I have to repeat every time I open the software.

I’ll get the 4.1.10 update and let you know if there are any further problems.

Thank you for all the help!

Hi @Pat_K and others,
it looks like the fix in 4.1.10 created another issue as reported here.

I’ve just installed 4.1.10 and the it seems to be working well.

I don’t seem to have the same issue as reported in the link above.

Thank you for your help!

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