Midi Keyboard not recognized by multiple programs

Hello hivemind,

I am running an Alesis VI6 keyboard, hauptwerk lite, and Dorico 4 (trial version - but I will be purchasing within the week) on a windows system (work computer, only 8gb of ram) running very simple sample sets that are not ram-hoggers).

I am having the issue of Dorico will recognize my midi input if I start it first, but then Hauptwerk will not recognize the keyboard as “it is being used by another application” as well as some sort of a system RAM notification that I’m sure is only part of the dialog in this notification. If I start hauptwerk first, then Dorico doesn’t recognize the input and I can’t use the keyboard for note entry.

I know this is not an issue for individuals with Mac platforms…

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas as to what is going on? I would love to use my keyboard with both at the same time so I can hear as I play. !

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Be sure “exclusive control” has not been checked in your Device Setup in Dorico.

You likely will need to create multiple MIDI ports and use a software MIDI router to send the signal to multiple ports at once. LoopMIDI is free and can be used to create additional ports. There are lots of software MIDI routers. I use Bome but MIDI-OX is a free router. I can send screenshots of my setup when I’m home later this afternoon, but I have Windows configured to send a signal from my MIDI keyboard to my standalone piano VST and Dorico simultaneously.

Hello! Thank you both.

FredGUnn - I downloaded loop midi and am running MIDI-OX. Its working wonderfully. thank you for the help!

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Hi @Derrek , just to let you know, that option is only pertinent for audio, not MIDI.

My mistake; I was thinking of audio.