Midi Keyboard problem

Cubase 7
Windows 8 64 bit laptop
Casio PX-130 KBD with USB out (works fine connected to my IPAD)

I connect the USB cable from the KBD to the laptop.
MIDIOX shows that midi data is flowing form the keyboard to the PC
Open Cubase
Cubase identifies Casio USB as a valid midi device
Select Casio USB as an input to an instrument track or midi track and get no response from Cubase (midi traffic bar does not flash, the connected soft synth does not respond)

Is this possibly a 64 bit OS to USB to Cubase issue? The Casio is class compliant and so should not need a driver, what am I missing? I’ve never had a problem connecting a piece of hardware to Cubase before

Thanks to anyone who has any insights…Kevin