Midi Keyboard Problem!

Hi Guys!

My issue is as follows (hope you can help me out):

I’m using Cubase 9 Pro in a Win 7 PC and the problem relies with my A-500 Pro Midi Keyboard. It doesn’t play back VSTi’s. I can record midi data, but I can’t hear it while recording or before recording. It’s really annoying :frowning:. Good thing is I recomposed my relationship with my guitar again!!! But nevertheless…

I had a problem with my e-licenser and had to replace it, and since I’m using my new e-licenser I had this problem… I don’t know if this could be a problem, or if it helps, but for sure is an indicator that somewhere back in time this problem didn’t exist. And it’s really important to me to be able to play a synth while tweaking… for now I’m writing or recording midi data and then playing it back! Unbelievably annoying! Inspiratus Interruptus!

Oh I forgot!
A friend lend me a Fishman’s Tripleplay and I have the same problem with it! I can record, and midi data enters Cubase, but doesn’t play directly from what enters in Cubase (either Tripleplay or the A-500 Pro), only what’s already recorded or written…

I may be missing something… for sure, for Cubase is receiving, but it’s not giving!

Please if someone has an idea, I would be really, truly, grateful!



Hi and welcome,

Make sure Monitor button is switched On.

Make sure Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Thru is enabled.

Make sure Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, there is not enabled MIDI Filter for Record or Thru for Notes.

Hi Martin!

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Thanks for the help!

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(hope you understand this… if not, feel free to ask… I have no problem on helping you :smiley:)

You can’t even imagine how much I love YOU!

MIDI Thru was not enabled (the filter were ok)

Thank you so much! So Much!

I owe you one… maybe two!