MIDI Keyboard Recognized in Cubase, but not in Libraries

Hello Everyone!

I have looked at many other articles for this exact issue but alas none have worked for me so far. It used to work just fine, but then a few weeks ago it stopped being recognized by all of my libraries (SpitFire, EastWest OPUS, etc.)

Here is my info:
~Windows 10 PC
~Cubase 11
~Signal from keyboard shown on tempo track
~Keystation 61 MK3 with usb cable into USB 2.0
~Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Audio Interface, keyboard not able to connect directly

Here is what I have tried:
~Restarting Cubase and computer making sure my keyboard is on before starting Cubase
~Checked under “All MIDI Inputs”
~Defaulting my preferences
~Tried USB 3.0, different ports
~Tried different audio outputs (ASIO, Focusrite, etc.)

Let me know if I need to add anything else to help narrow down the cause.
Thank you!


What do you mean by this, please? How could the signal be present in the Tempo Track, please?

Does it apply for both of your MIDI Keyboards?

Is the Monitor button and/or Record button enabled on the track? What is the MIDI Input of the Instrument/MIDI track?

My apologies, the signal shows up in the bottom right corner, forgive me for not knowing what it is called.
The Internal MIDI keyboard given by the libraries work, but my external Keystation does not.
I have now tested having the Monitor and Record button on and off and mixed for the instrument track, nothing has changed. MIDI Input is set to “All”, I have tried selecting the keyboard input directly and it is checked in preferences.


I expect, by the

you mean the MIDI In Activity on the Transport Panel, right?

By the

library, you probably mean the Virtual Instrument (Opus, in this case), right?

Make sure, you are playing in the octave, where are some samples in the Virtual Instrument. Also make sure, there is any patch/sound loaded in the instrument on the given MIDI Channel.

Opus is the new EastWest instrument, right? I have read it’s quite buggy. Coul dyou try with other instrument, please? For example HALion Sonic SE?

I just tried Halion Sonic SE, loaded a tuba sample. It works with my mouse, but not the keyboard


When you press the key on your MIDI keyboard, can you see the key is down on the virtual keyboard of the virtual instrument, please?

Can you see the MIDI Slot number 1 is blinking yellow?

The virtual keyboard does not respond with my MIDI. And I do not see any blinking yellow lights when I use my MIDI keyboard.


Then the MIDI data doesn’t go to the Virtual Instrument.

Could you double-check Preferences > MIDI > MIFI Filters, please? Could you attach a screenshot? Make sure, the Notes are not filtered out, same as any MIDI Channel, please.


I see. This is it. You filter out all data and all Channels, in fact.

Just disable everything here. By default, only the SysEx is filtered out.

Oh, I’m shedding tears. Thank you so much Martin! It worked!