Midi keyboard record in 2 voices at once

I saw in Anthony’s video " Polyphonic MIDI transcription | Introducing Dorico 4" that you can record into 2 voices at the same time. But when I record playing 2 voices they are notated in one voice. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know. It works for me. If both voices have the same rhythm, Dorico may decide they are chords. If that happens, just filter the bottom notes and change to a new voice.

I’ve heard of recording into two or more continuous staves at once, but not two voices.

Dorico absolutely is capable of recording into multiple voices simultaneously. The important thing (as described in the manual here) is to select the rest where you want to start recording but not invoke the caret before hitting record.

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Thanks Leo, I did discover that after some experimenting last night, ( I was invoking the caret). However, it only seems to work with either staff of a piano instrument, not both. Recording in the same place in the other staff erases what was preciously recorded. Can one get it to work on both piano staves?

Yes, just select one rest on one staff and record from there, and it will record into both staves, provided you’re playing material that belongs on both staves. What you can’t currently do is record into just one staff but also record multiple voices.

If you engage chord mode before you record, you should find that the existing material in the instrument is not removed.