MIDI keyboard routing

Hi All
First post and total newbie on Cubasis but a fair bit of other DAW experience.
I’m trying to hook up my keyboard which is working fine except for the following.
I load SampleTank via inter-app and assign four sounds to four midi channels.
I can play/record the sound on channel 1 via either on-screen or midi keyboard no problem.
If I add another midi track with no instrument and route it to SampleTank channel 2 it works fine via on-screen keyboard.
However if I try to play via the midi keyboard nothing. If I open the on-screen keyboard I can even see the notes being triggered by my midi keyboard, just no sound.
Looks like the midi data is not being sent to SampleTank.
Any ideas.
(This also seems to be the case with Isymphonic)


welcome you to Cubasis… :sunglasses:

Could you give us some info first, about your setup like iPad, audio interface and keyboard?


Hi and thank you for the welcome

Specs are iPad mini 2 32gb
Usb camera connection no audio as such.
Tried two keyboards Yamaha psr-343 and an Ion usb mini keyboard
I believe Both keyboards are sending midi data on channel 1
Also just to confirm if I record a midi track set to output to channel 2 the notes are correctly recorded and then played back by SampleTank. Cubasis does not seem to change the midi channel during live play only once recorded.
Hope that helps.

I would describe myself similarly. My problem is a little different, however.

I have a new iPad (Pro, 9.7") with Cubasis running through internal speakers. When I start a new project, add just one track and select SampleTank as the instrument, the sound I select in SampleTank is NOT what plays using my iRig keys mini (connected directly using its lightening cable). I hear the sound I want in Sampletank only as long as I play the built-in keyboard inside SampleTank. But when I play my iRig keyboard ON THE SAME SCREEN, I hear a quite different sound. When I jump back to Cubasis, I hear the wrong patch no matter which keyboard I play. Does anyone know what’s going on?