MIDI keyboard sometimes not been recognised by Dorico

Hello, I am on a Mac.
Sometimes Dorico will not recognise my MIDI input device.
At the moment I have an M-Audio key station 32 connected via USB.
Dorico does not recognise any input.
I can quit and reopen Dorico and then it will take commands from the device.

My question: is there another way to trigger Dorico recognising the MIDI keyboard?
That is without quitting/reopening the application…
I could not find anything in the preferences, but there might be a little trick how to get the keyboard recognised??
In Sibelius there was a command „look for input devices“ or something like that… and it would reconnect the path to the MIDI keyboard.
Thank you for help.

No. You have to have the MIDI keyboard connected and turned on before you open Dorico.

Plug 'n Play is a known issue and we aim to get it solved in the next version.

thanks Ulf.

Maybe this isn’t your issue, but I’ve found sometimes I need to press return to enter input mode before Dorico will “listen” for MIDI. Then I can exit input mode and play my keyboard, and dorico will play that instrument. That’s tripped me up a few times, but once I figured it out, I restart Dorico a lot less frequently.

Also, what version of the Keystation 32 are you using? I had the V1 version and it would constantly cut out and then be unrecognized. Drove me crazy on a recent tour. I broke down and spent $49 on the V3 version and haven’t had any issues since.

Thank you pat_ and Fred,
my keystation mini-32 is version 1.10
I have the same issue with another eKey 49 though.
As I am on Mac, next time I will also try to do a refresh in Audio-Midi Setup control panel.

[edit]: refreshing in the Audio-Midi control panel does not make a difference, I tried yesterday. One does have to quit and restart Dorico in these cases…)