MIDI Keyboard suddenly stops working

I have this super weird problem where few seconds after I open up Cubase and start jamming with my MIDI keyboard on the VST instruments, it abruptly stops responding, and there is no more signal from my MIDI anymore in the system and of course no sound. It only comes back after I restart Cubase and my MIDI keyboard.
I use an ancient Korg X50 with an up to date Windows 10 driver on a Windows 10 system.

Please help. This is beyond annoying.


Do you use Cubase 9?

Could you try if you get a MIDI signal to any other MIDI application (like MIDI-OX, MIDI monitor) from your hardware once you have no signal in Cubase?

Same problem here

So you get a signal to other (Monitor) application?

Make sure the MIDI Port is not used as Quick Control or Mackie Control or any Remote Device in Cubase.


I’m not sure if this helps, but my Novation Impulse suddenly stops working if it is connected to a USB hub.
After some google, I connected the MIDI keyboard to a USB port on the motherboard and the problem disappeared.

I hope it helps.