MIDI Keyboard Sustain

I’m new to Cubase and there’s something that I just can’t figure out how to do:

I’m using Cubase AI 8 (came with the Steinberg UR22 audio interface), and i’m recording some midi tracks with my keyboard (Yamaha PSR-E343). When I play on the keyboard alone I turn on its sustain using the function button, instead of a pedal which I don’t have. This toggles the sustain on and off.

However, when I connect the keyboard with Cubase to record some midi tracks, the sustain feature no longer works, whether its turned on or off in the keyboard. Is there a way to turn on the sustain on Cubase itself? Or is there any work around I could use?

Thank you :smiley: !

You could manually input the desired Sustain data in the Key Editor, using the Controller Lane (switch it from Velocity to Sustain, then draw in the desired Sustain on and off), but the easiest way would probably be to add a Sustain pedal to your setup so that Sustain data is recorded as you record the MIDI. I hope this information is helpful.