MIDI keyboard trouble

so, i have an old Musicstar midi keyboard.
it has worked a couple times with my tascam 800
and the Omega midi inputs, so i know it works.
now considering that my interfaces are crap and
ive gave up on them for now, ive bought a USBmidi
input on ebay so i can try to get my keyboard working.
after a lil frustration, i finally got the driver to load
up, and the midi jack is showing up in my midi in on my
instrument track as VIEWCON…
the problem is…im still not getting any input.
ive went through all the settings, etc…with no luck.
does anybody know how to get this thing to work?

No problem with that. MIDI is MIDI is MIDI. No any compatibility problems with that, unless you are unable to hook MIDI connections properly: MIDI OUT to MIDI IN etc …

Ouch! Neither TASCAM US-800 nor Lexicon Omega are crap. Not neccesarily high-end professional interfaces but …

So as a solution you buy some “USBmidi” thing from E-bay (you don’t even give a brand/model name)???

Please! GIVE ME A BREAK! Now … I’ll take a calculated risk for being banned from this forum … but I just have to say: YOU ARE STUPID!

i consider the tascam and lexicon crap because they wont work with my (brand new)
windows 7 and cubase 6…not because the actual interfaces are low quality, its the drivers
that suck…
USBmidi IS the brand name, and for 5 dollars it was quite worth the “risk” to see if it
would get me some midi input while i come up with the money for a new interface.

although i appreciate ur input and expertise Jarno, u seem to b the stupid one
for replying in such a fashion to a very ligit problem of which u didnt even answer!

i am 40 years old , not 14, and have been using cubase on and off since SX2, and have
even recorded on a reel to reel on occasion…im not new to recording
or computers… so if u cant reply in a nice helpful manner, id prefer no reply at all…

I think forum fatigue may be setting in :laughing:

so, nobody knows how to set up a midi usb keyboard properly?

What happens when you connect the “MIDI in” to the “MIDI out” (is it present?) of the device and send some MIDI data from one channel to the other channel.
In Cubase:
Midi 01 -> device out [disable in]
Midi 02 -> device in [disable out]

Any activity?

the musicstar only has an OUT…its pretty ancient.
i just got my tascam us 800 running
(for a while anyways) and im still not
getting no midi input…
the musicstar has a power lite…so i know its on…
ive went thru preferences, device setup…etc
with no luck…
about $400 (more) dollars would solve all my problems! haha
new interface and keyboard time, for sure.

I meant your MIDI I/O interface.
When you receive signal with a MIDI loopback from and to your MIDI interface, you know the Musicstar keyboard is most likely your trouble maker.
Another simpel solution is to check if the MIDI activity lights (if present) on your MIDI interface light up when data is send from the keyboard

Okay… but the question is: does it send data?

Fire up MIDIOX and make sure it’s working there.

Then worry about Cubase.

it has worked before a few times, but it IS really old.
the USBmidi has 3 lites…the red one is lit, but no activity
with the other 2…im assuming the red is the power.

No activity on the MIDI I/O lights of your USBmidi and no “MIDI in” signal with your Tascam.
I say the MIDI keyboard is the troublemaker.

You’re 40 and you’ve been using Cubase since SX3? And you don’t?
We really can’t do anything from here. Try a midi keyboard forum.

in addition to Conman’s comment: You’re giving contradictory information: First you are tellin about MIDI keyboard trouble … then suddenly it’s about how to set up a midi usb keyboard.

Also (as far as I can tell according to your posts) you keep on buying new USB MIDI interfaces, because you have no luck with your old ones (3 of them?). Ever thought it’s not about those interfaces but about you doing something wrong.

So please: try to explain us what you are trying to do in:
a. simple
b. exact
way. (I know it may not be easy to fullfill both a&b at the same time, but please try). I’m sure we should be able to help you, if you just cool down and explain, how you’ve set up your system.

OK…the us428 and the omega are older gear ive had for years…
i decided to update my gear and bought a BRAND NEW computer
and a BRAND NEW tascam us 800 and a BRAND NEW 52" sony bravia…
ya, sounds great, i know…BUT…then i do some research and discover
that the us800 has driver issues and is a pain in the butt.
SO…ive decided to get a new (more reliable) interface as soon as
i have the money …
everybody caught up so far??
currently, im just trying to get my old midi keyboard to work
so i can use it with groove agent, etc. so i can lay out
some drum/tempo tracks while im waiting.
its THAT simple…
the us 800 is working right now, but midi still isnt comin thru
even tho ive used the keyboard before with no problems.
it would seem that windows 7 doesnt play nice with older equipment,
but there IS a chance its my keyboard…
im in a rock band and have never had the need for a keyboard of any kind,
hence the reason im not the midi expert the rest of u (supposedly) are…

btw…MIDIOX wasnt getting input either, although it does recognize the viewcon driver

We didn’t say we were midi experts. That’s yer fantisy, dyude. :laughing:

Look up ASIO4ALL, a free soundcard driver and see if that makes the booger behave.

actually there an ASIO4ALL v2 now!
ive used it before with good results,
but if i remember right…the us800
wouldnt work correctly with it when i tried
the 800 is working fine today, and ive pretty
much gave up on the keyboard for now…

On old keyboards it is sometimes good practise to turn them on after everything else. Even try turning it on after starting Cubase. This is especially so if it has a small built in sequencer or arpeggiator.
If you try that does it make any difference? If it does, to find out why look up “running status” (+ “midi” otherwise you’ll get loads of info you don’t need).