MIDI keyboard/VST instruments not working; how to setup?


Can someone please confirm some points that are not properly explained in the Cubase AI 7 Operations Manual?

I have an Alesis V49 MIDI keyboard which was working - I’ve already recorded with it but something changed and now it’s not making any sound. I’m using it with VST Instrument tracks, not MIDI tracks. Keyboard is plugged in via USB and there’s no MIDI module.

If I load a VST such as HALion, I can confirm sounds by hitting keys on the pc keyboard. Input is set to “All MIDI Inputs”.

  1. Considering I’m using it with VST, does the keyboard need to be added in the MIDI Device Manager? I added it there.

  2. Does it need to be setup in Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup? I see a few there. One is Active and the other is not.

Is there something else I need to look at? I’ve tried doing a “reset” from MIDI Port setup but to no avail.

Please offer up any advice you have! I’ve looked at the Operations Manual many times but I only see a typical MIDI setup;

"Connecting the MIDI equipment

In this example we assume that you have a MIDI keyboard and an external MIDI sound module."

Well, I don’t have a sound module! :unamused:

Thanks for your assistance.


I’m not at my DAW now, but from the top of my head:

  1. Midi device manager is not necessary.
  2. Yes. You are using ‘all midi inputs’ on your instrument track, the midi port setup let’s you choose which midi ports are included in ‘all midi inputs’. Make sure the Alesis is visible there, and enabled.

Does your transport bar show midi activity when hitting keys?
Also, check generic remote, and if there are any entries for the keys (Just the keys, buttons/rotary encoders etc you can leave untouched) delete them.

Veel succes :wink: