Midi Keyboard will not enter notes in real time

I have a midi keyboard - Midiplus AKM320 BT - that I have been able to connect to Bluetooth. The app registers it and enters the notes I play one at a time, but will not enter notes in real time. So, step entry does work but I can’t click record and have it notate what I’m playing. I’m currently working with the free version of the app on my iPad. Can you help with this?

Welcome to the forum, @mollyann50. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a good reason why this should be the case: if you can input notes one at a time using step input, it should also be possible to record in real time.

Can you try the following procedure, and let me know if it makes any difference:

Firstly, make sure you have a good number of bars to record into, as Dorico won’t add new bars while you record. To add more bars, use the Bars panel on the right-hand side of Write mode.

Next, select a bar rest in the right-hand staff of the piano instrument in your project (or if you’re using a single-staff instrument, just select the bar rest in the bar from where you want the music to appear).

Finally, tap the Record button on the toolbar and play in time with the click. You won’t see any music appear in the score as you play, but when you tap the Stop button, you will then (I hope!) see the music appear.

Hey Daniel, I’ve often wondered why that is?

I completed the steps as you said, and I even heard what I was playing as I played, but when I clicked the stop button, nothing appears.

@mollyann50, if you open a project and open the application menu (the “hamburger” menu at the right-hand end of the toolbar), you can choose Diagnostic Report from the menu, which will create a zip file inside the Dorico folder you’ll find in the Files app if you tap On My iPad. Can you attach that zip file to a reply here, so I can see if there’s anything obvious in the logs?

Because Dorico makes all the decisions about how the music should be notated only at the end of the recording, since that’s the way the transcription and quantization algorithms are designed.

Lunar Lullaby Arr. Bolewski.dorico (1.2 MB)

Thanks for attaching your project, @mollyann50, but what I’m looking for is the Dorico Diagnostics.zip file you should also find in the Dorico folder inside the Files app on your iPad.

Oops - sorry, Here it is.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (328.0 KB)

Many thanks, @mollyann50. Everything in there looks as I would expect it to. If you play notes on the on-screen Keyboard during recording, rather than using your external MIDI keyboard, do those notes show up as expected?

Yes for step-entry. Yes also for real-time, but it’s not very accurate. I expect that’s my clumsiness though.

Great. I wonder whether it’s possible your MIDI keyboard is sending a lot of continuous data to Dorico and that’s somehow gumming up the works. Can you try going to the Play page of Preferences and activating Filter out MIDI controllers to see whether that allows real-time input to work?