Midi Keyboards Outputs in Cubase


I cubase 10, I see two ports are shown in my MIDI Device Manger outputs ( Digital Keyboard 1 and Digital Keyboard 2). I have always used Port 1. I was wondering what the use cases of Port 2 are.

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I would think that those are created by your keyboard’s device driver.

Yes. But why they are two outputs? I am sure there are reasons for that. PSR’s usually have 1 input ( consist of 16 input channels). However, Montage by Yamaha has 3 inputs ( I guess each 16 MIDI channels).

My moFx has 3, one for normal midi notes, one for the endless pots, and one for DAW specific control’s.

You mean “endless ports”?

No the 8 controller knobs, use their own midi device to communicate.
Have a look in the manual for your keyboard, if there is something documented.

no there is not. I have done search for ‘port 2’ and “port2” in both data list manual and OM manual. No result. I guess I have to contact Yamaha! Thank you.

Ports? It’s pot, as in potentiometer. aka endless rotary encoders or controller knobs.

Steve, thank you for the clarification.