Midi keyboards won't play any notes

Since updating to Cubase 13 Pro I can’t play anything from midi controllers, the blue audio activity monitors indicate activity but no instruments will sound and no input can be recorded. Proper tearing my hair out after a wasted weekend - Please can somebody help?

Hi could you please post some screenshots so I can try to replicate

lol not sure what to send you - but see blue midi pressses in right corner playing no sound on VST instrument.

Picture of VST synth disappears when I screen shot but the keys on it play music no problem…

Wow just spotted the problem from my own screen shot lol - Missing MIDI OUT needed changing to All MIDI inputs … Doh!!!

Haha, Answered your own question. Always the way.
Remember if you’re working in something like Hallion Sonic or Kontakt that you can use multiple midi ports for individual instruments. The port just needs to correlate with the port inside the instrument. Very powerful

Yeh thanks man I still needed you to make me look outside the box. Not sure what the heck all that stuff is under QC.

Always here to help. Literally. I don’t sleep lol

Haha thanks, same as when Cubase is working… Went to bed early lastnight at 4.30 in disgust and frustration. Thanks again.

I was about to say when cubase is working as well…but it’s more when cubase is working the way I want it to…