Midi Korg Triton Classic to Cubase Artist


I am a beginner with Cubase. I’m trying to midi data from out of my korg to the in of my tascam US-1641, to use in Cubase Artist.

So far I’ve done the physical connections right, and I went to studio to set up on Cubase to the midi set up to see if it’s connected, but all I see is the wavesynth midi.

I tried to dump data from my Korg, to the computer so I can record. And I went to global on the Korg and turned of Local Control, and put midi clock to external. I dumped the sequencer data, attempted to record it on cubase, and nothing happened. Can someone help?


Hi and welcome on the forum,

Please, make sure the Tascam US-1641 driver has been installed. Tascam is the MIDI driver, you should see and use in the case (if you are sending MIDI over Tascam). Isn’t there USB on the Korg Triton? Can you send the MIDI data directly from Korg to the computer via USB?