midi label export format

In Cubase 6.5, markers exported to midi contain the label number only. In earlier versions, the text of the note field of the marker was used. Is there any way to get the old behavior back? it was very convenient in our workflow here.

Another quirk of midi export that caused some head scratching is that midi exports no longer occur unless there is a midi event in the export range - earlier versions would still export the markers. This too is a little annoying (but easier to work around).

Hate to reply to myself, but I thought I’d close this thread off with some additional info and a resolution of sorts.

It appears that the empty track behavior was causing my test results to be confused. Things seem to be more or less working as they used to (as far as marker content goes) once a dummy track has been created, but it’s still not clear what content needs to be in a dummy midi track to get the export to occur properly. I find I sometimes need to actually create a few midi key strokes to get the export to contain the markers.

Sorry for the confusion, but the new behavior is definitely confusing, but I seem to be working around it for now.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this also, some time ago.
I think I’m almost done exporting/importing what I needed, so they’ll probably fix it now haha? :laughing: