midi lag only on 1 project

I have a midi lag only on one project where hitting a key the sound is played a split second late.
I’ve loaded up a new project to test and the timing is perfect.
I have checked all the main settings (midi time stamp, asio buffer latency etc) so it must be something I’ve done on this particular project but cant for the life of me find it.
Anyone have any ideas?

I don’t know the reason. But as solution, I can recommend just export whole project as MIDI, and import it to the new project. Try it, you will see.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply.

I have too much work already done on this project to do that at present.

It’s to 2 minutes in maximum. :wink:

What I mean is, this project has 20 odd audio tracks and settings, effects etc and 2 instances of superior drummer, the grand 3 and others. Even if I copy all settings off, then export 8 midi tracks then reimport them it wont solve the problem because the original setting that is causing the problem will still be there.



OK, in this case, you are right.

Good luck with your work!

have you tried to backup the project so it creates a completely new copy of the whole project ?

I had a similar issue a while ago.
At my case only one instance of particular a VSTi (Halion Sonic) was lagging.
I suspect it happened after switching an EQ (as insert) to linear phase (which affects its reported latency).

Never was able to reproduce nor resolve it. Very strange.