Midi lane will not play back after recording - Cubase 12 Pro Windows

I set my midi transport to New Parts and to Stacked
I set my markers to a section of the song (16 bars), activated the Cycle button
Hit Record and lay down, oh 5 takes on the 16 bars.
While playing, I hear only my “current” take, my present-time playing of the keyboard - so far so good.
When I stop recording, hit Show Lanes, I see my 5 takes as separate lanes, all of them are lit up (not dimmed or muted).
I can Solo the final take, but I cannot, no matter what buttons I press, get the other takes to make any sound.
The notes from each take appear in the Editor, but No Sound.

A previous poster had the same issue on an older version of Cubase, he resolved it using mute/unmute functions (shift-U). That did not work. In fact those options are greyed out in the edit menu. Midi recording is working fine for me when I don’t use lanes.

Any ideas?


Solved my own problem. Clicking the track (left column showing track name) does nothing to activate the lane or allow unmuting. But, clicking the block of events in the lane allows those functions to work.