MIDI Lanes: all day on them and a big thumbs up!

Just thought I’d share this with y’all before i hit the sack for a well-earned kip.

All day, I’ve been editing down multiple takes of MIDI from a live piano. At first, I couldn’t believe what a troublesome beast MIDI Lanes were: parts played over each other necessiating much switching between Select and Mute, sounds like some of you have found it equally frustrating.

Anyway, good news, and to cut a long story short, I eventually realised i was using them wrong, i.e. as if they were the old-style, and that I should be using them as the way the tools operate suggests.

The key was making sure all the parts were properly muted. When I did this, I could single-click to select-and-solo from lane to lane in the way that I’d always wanted but that had eluded me before. For it to work 100%, all the parts need to be cut at the same point and this is where the previously annoying feature of the Snip Tool (i.e. doing all lanes at once) came into its own. Rather than adjust part lengths to mask/unmask (as you can with audio), use Snip and Mute. I think you may end up never needing to resize a MIDI part again.

Once you’ve got the sections you want active, you can re-assemble both those and the remaining muted parts (for recycling) with the Glue Tool.

Whale oil beef hooked, it actually is as simple as they made out.

Night all,
Crotchety :wink:

I’m going to try it with audio next time - with the Snap-to-Zero well and truly OFF.

Hi there

I never snip midi parts, nor do I use lanes for drum parts, or even midi channels for that matter simply due to the way recording works, eg it does not “create” lanes but rather the application stacks events in a most untoward manner.

Even still the program records a midi part when no data has been received which again is a bit simple one thinks.

I never use lanes for MIDI parts either… only audio.

Philosophical Blah :smiley:
If we, like you suggest, stay on the lanes for a day or maybe even for a couple of weeks we indeed might get used to them. :wink:

We are creatures of habit.
I hated Office 2011 update and I am still getting used to it and will continue to work with it.
I hated Firefox 4 after the update but now I’m getting used to it as I continued to work with it and like it.
I got me a new mobile phone a couple of month ago and it was feeling really bad in functionality.
I still needed to use it and now I got used to it and I like it even more then the old one.
I installed Cubase 6, continued to work with the new functionality and lanes and now I like them.
If you change your car, your bike, your skateboard or your shoos it might feel strange at first but if you get used to it you might move faster and more comfy then before.

Being adaptive, improvising, using tools creatively and using what you have is audio engineering. Audio engineering is to always find a way and to always improve your methods to be autodidactic with a positive state of mind to make decisions and to go forward . Only with the right attitude you can create and finalize a project. To produce we need the right positive open and focused attitude.

Technical: :slight_smile:
Independent lane cuts:
Press 2 to select the object selection tool–> click on lane where you would like to cut–> press Shift+X to cut.

Avoiding automatic muting:
Hold Shift and select your events
Press Alt+M to Unmute/Mute

Constraint direction:
You start dragging the event down to a new track and hit ctrl during the drag. If you click ctrl before the drag the audition tool will be selected.

This is realy powerfull stuff on lanes:
Band? Studio Session, Take Organization, Multitrack Comping

Oh yes, there is much more with the range selection tool. When you select a range and then double click it for instance.

Anyway Im out…
Have a nice evening. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the “Philosophical Blah”, JHP, perhaps you could have it printed up, rather like the “Serenity Prayer”(*), so we can download it and hang it in front of our monitors.

Top tips, those, worth putting in the FAQs?

However, I have no authorisation to download the GIF. Why would that be?


(*) In case no one knows it anymore it goes:

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The Courage to change the things I can,
And the Wisdom to know the difference

I don’t care if it was written by an advertising exec, it’s bob on.

You dont have to be mad to post here but it helps :laughing:

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The Courage to change the things I can,
And the Wisdom to know the difference

I don’t care if it was written by an advertising exec, it’s bob on.

It’s actually a catholic verse.

Nothing happens on MIDI or Audio. You are talking about events on lanes and the I-bar Range Tool, right? I’m on 6.0.2 64-it on Win7-64, btw.

Shift-X was very useful, thank you.


Oh good, I can relax, then. (PS: This is not sarcasm…)

Yes, but I thought we wanted more “human” interactions with mods, and when they show us love we tend to put them down or make out like they are dumb, stupid robots etc that will take any lip from users simply because they haven’t the time to monitor this place 24/7 just to satisfy the urges of the angry mob who seem to not be able to get on with their work, ie new features, when in effect they’d (users) be none the wiser had they not been given new tools in the first place.