Midi Lanes in 1/32

Just updated to v12.0.60. Still not possible to make midi lanes in 1/32 or higher. It stucks at 1/16. You need to turn off the autogrid and do it manually. Pretty weak if any asks me. I want to be in control of my notes. No versions before v12 had this limitation. I hope that the Steinberg-team works this strange thing out:-)

Can you write a step-by-step of what you’re trying to do and where it doesn’t work?
I’m having trouble following your description since you’re not using common Cubase nomenclature.

I started a new project just to take a look at my claims and now the error does not accure! I’m scatching my head!

Seems like I can make Parts on Lanes that snap to finer resolutions. Although I’m not sure I fully understand your prob.

It might not be on your end. Cubase projects have become corrupted before, as has its user preferences. If something seems way off, first thing to check is to run Cubase in “Safe Mode” and disable preferences.