Midi lanes won't play back...

Forgive my noobness… In Pro 10 on Windows
I set my midi transport to New Parts and to Stacked
I set my markers to a section of the song (16 bars), activated the Cycle button
Hit Record and lay down, oh 5 takes on the 16 bars.
While playing, I hear only my “current” take, my present-time playing of the keyboard - so far so good.
When I stop recording, hit Show Lanes, I see my 5 takes as separate lanes, the final take being in normal color, but the others kind of grayed out.
I can Solo the final take, but I cannot, no matter what buttons I press, get the other takes to make any sound.
The notes from each take appear in the Editor, but No Sounds!
Even if I turn one of the “silent” Lanes into a new Track, I can’t hear it, it’s still showing as grayed out, even though it it an entirely new track.

I’m doing something wrong, can one of you proper Experts help this poor newbie out, please?!!

Thanks in advance, friends.
(and let me add that I have tried my transport set to every other alternative (Replace, Merge, Stacked No Mute, Overwrite, whatever) but if I understand correctly, to comp takes in cycle mode and then listen to each take, as you can do with Audio tracks, my settings ought to be New Parts and Stacked - unless I’m truly lost…)

Hi and welcome,

The other lanes are muted. Use the Mute Tool (X) to unmute them or use the Unmute function from Edit menu or Key Command Shift + U.

that worked for me. Thanks Martin.