MIDI latency corrector

Hi all.

My first post here. I’m switching to cubase from pro tools, at least afa midi programming.

Reading through the user manual and even before purchasing the program I have an idea to improve the midi.

I’m the type of geek who actually mics up my midi controller and records it alongside my midi, to evaluate the response time between key strike and midi note. I know about latency and buffer settings. But there will always be some lag, even if only a few milliseconds.

Obviously nothing can be done about any delays while performing.

But it would be great if cubase could automatically correct timing once midi has been recorded. Advancing it a few ms would fix any unavoidable latency.

Thanks for listening


I measured my MIDI latency (which is never the same because of MIDI Jitter inherent in the old protocol) and created same project logical editor presets which shift it by that amount in ms.

I think MIDI 2.0 implementation will start rolling out either next year or the year after… that will be a good day.