Midi Latency in Cubase Elements 9.5

I am recording some classical snippets using VST and Midi in Cubase 9.5. For the first few minutes everything is fine then a latency sets in on recording and playback of about a second. I have a Alesis multimix 8 and using the standard drivers, works fine with audio and everthing else. Have tried ASIO4ALL with a multitude of different settings but no difference at all. Have changed all the settings in preferences and used Constraint Delay compensaion, looked at countless Youtube videos and forums such as this but nothing has covered anything different than I have already done :frowning:. I have a Windows 10 64 bit machine with the standard 8 Gb ram (Stienberg recommended amount, will any more make a difference I ask myself :slight_smile:). The only thing to help is to Restart the machine, then the cycle repeats itself.
Thanks a million in advance of any help.


In the MIDI setup dialog do you have the checkbox to use Windows Timestamp enabled? If not do so.

Thanks for the reply
Yes I have, just seems strange that the latency starts after about 5 mins of using Cubase, seems odd that no end of changing settings etc makes no difference at all. I have shut down all other programs just in case they cause the issue?