Midi latency in Nuendo while connected to the internet

Is it possible to record a midi track to a Nuendo/Cubase track without interrupting VST Connect? (As long as the connection is up, the midi is significantly delayed on Nuendo’s side … but sometimes you would have to create a midi drum beat, and that’s not possible with that much latency - do you have to disconnect from the internet because of that?)

thanks for the reply!

hi - basically yes you need stop using VST connect - I suspect switching of the VST monitor plugin (in the control room) might be enough. Give it a try

You can engage the “REHRS” (Rehearsal mode) button, it will disable remote latency, while it also disables sync with Performer. But it comes in quite handy for “in-between” tasks.

good tip :slight_smile:

One might think “why doesn’t it do that in Stop mode automatically”? The problem is that switching a plugins’ latency causes Cubase/Nuendo to have to reconfigure its entire internal routing. That’s ok when stopping, but obviously it can’t be done when Transport is beeing started.

Thank you for the answer!