Midi Latency Question

I just noticed that my midi is not in sync when sending from PC1 to a second PC while using VST system link (tranports are locked together ), if I write the midi part on PC 2 , then its all in perfect sync with PC 1 midi tracks, vst link.

However, writing midi on PC 1 and sending the midi signal to PC 2 is a better work flow for me (PC 2 runs percussion/drums only, triggering PC 2 with PC 1 on a given beat needs to happen on that beat)

Is there a way to adjust midi latency?

I am using motu midi devices to connect both PC midi in/outs, not the VST system link midi to communicate. I do get an occasional PC 2 crash when working the PC 1 transport hard so figured better not complicate with trying to send midi signals this way.


I can just recommend to forget to the very old VST Connections (without progress and modernization), and check modern methods of using 2 (and more) computers, like Vienna Ensemble Pro is.

Sorry, I can’t help you more.

yes thanks Martin, I do have that, but wasn´t to fond of the workflow with the added windows to deal with

just an fyi that might be of interest, its not the vst link, its actually the rack mounted midi device ( or my setting for the devide) -

Once I wrote the midi parts to trigger percussion on PC 2, instead of on PC 1 pointing to PC 2 via midi out , the audio into PC 1 from PC 2 is spot on now, PC1 and PC2 are connected by vst system link. Alot of starting and stoping transport for hours working on cues in the timeline, no crashing or issues. VST system link lives on…