Midi / Latency / Sync

Hi All,

Recently migrated over to Cubase from Pro Tools. I’ve searched online about the following, so maybe someone can help.

  1. Sometimes when I record a midi/instrument track, after the countdown, I come in exactly on the “1”, but when I’m finished, I see that there are notes before the “1”, and it throws things off when I try to duplicate what I’ve just played.

  2. Say I do a midi/instrument 4 bar loop. When I try to duplicate it, it doesn’t line up perfectly. If I put the loop playback on the 4 bars, that plays perfectly over and over. The instant I try to duplicate it, it doesn’t line up.

This is my first post, so if I’m not explaining correctly please bare with me.

  1. It seems you are probably a bit early with the first notes. When playing you will never be exactly to the grid, it’s not humanly possible.

  2. The beginning or end of the midi event is not exactly to the grid, so when you duplicate it, it will lock the beginning to the grid as selected in the quantize menu.