MIDI latency? Was working fine just yesterday


I’m trying to work on a project and all of a sudden today my keyboard is lagging by about a quarter of a second. It was working fine last week.

It’s only the sound. The note itself seems to record on time, but I can’t ever hear it right until I play it back.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was supposed to work on a huge project today and now I can’t because of this.


OK, so a little more on this… it appears that this is Project-specific.

I have ONE project doing this, so there must be some MIDI setting in that project.

Does anyone know what that setting might be?


Aloha D,

Can you be a bit more specific about what gear your are using?

'puter/hardware/software/plugs etc.


If it’s project specific, try exporting and re-importing project data into a new project.

Sound like you might be using a plugin that uses a high sample buffer.
This in conjunction with Automatic delay compensation could cause project dependent higher latency.
Either find the plugin and remove is, or use the ‘restrain delay compensation’ option.

@curteye… using Mac Dual 6 core, 32 gigs RAM, OSX 10.8.2 and Cubase 7.0.1

@pixie… would this just start happening after closing and opening a project? I just opened another project that was responding fine yesterday and now it’s not working.

I’ll see if I can find that restrain delay compensation. Is that in the prefs?

@emotive… yes, that’s what I did with another project and that worked, but It seems to be happening alot and I shouldn’t have to do this every day.

Check your ASIO driver. It seems on my machine to sometimes open using the wrong driver and not the specific to my sound card. Did it this afternoon, put in the generic driver on a track I 've been working for some time.

hmmm… well, I’ll give that a shot, but I think that may need to connect to my Saffire hardware?


ok, I think we’ve got a bug here.

It appears that once I use Halion Sonic, then I get the latency. It breaks the project and can’t be fixed. I can start a new project, but once I introduce this plugin then I get my latency and it can’t be reset.

or maybe it can, but I’m not sure how. Any advice would be great.


Do you have any plug ins on your master fader? If you use mastering plug ins on your master out while mixing you will introduce latency.

There’s no way around this as those plug ins are designed to be used after you’ve done all of the playing and note entry…try bypassing plugins on your master.

FWIW I had a similar issue with Halion Sonic in the past, never resolved it. Maybe there’s indeed something strange going on with Halion Sonic.

BTW, MIDI latency isn’t the case here.

Do you have any plug ins on your master fader? If you use mastering plug ins on your master out while mixing you will introduce latency.

I do actually have them on occasion. I’ll check to see if that’s it.



I now have MIDI latency very noticable also. It’s like 1/8th of a second. So bad, I cannot play live with anything going on anymore. I’m using a Novation Impulse 49 controller, MR816csx FW800 soundcard and Cubase 7.0.1. Unbelievable.