midi latency when I route to groups?

started a brand new session, one instrument no effects but one limiter disabled, routed it to a group then to another master group getting huge midi latency? if I route the instrument to stereo out hardly any delay. tried all the usual buffer settings
the only option is to click the little delay constrant button however I shouldn’t have to do this every time I want to record.
I’m pretty sure i never used to get issues in earlier versions

any ideas?

mas osx, cubase 9.5.40
apollo 8 interface

seems even though i have disabled all the limiter plugin and it grey it still causes a delay, if i remove it from the channel it’s back to normal no huge latency. so disabling a plugin is not good enough

It is a pity that disable is not enough for removing latency.

Look ahead limiters can introduce huge delays.
Look at Waves L3, about 3000 samples as I recall.
I usually use a simpler limiter while recording not to add too much delay.
Something like L2 is no problem.

I think record enabled inputs are removed from pdc by default.
But just monitor does not. Or I am mixing this up with ASIO Guard, not all sure.

Not sure why activating constrain delay compensation is a problem for you though.
If recording late in a mixing session it comes with the territory, kind of.

It’s nice how ProTools has a rack part for mixer that shows all delays on every track, as well as how much that particular track is delayed in the larger context. And the same as Cubase has, a field to manually set a delay as well. You really feel in control of your session.

Hold down ctrl while clicking, then the plugin does not Bypass but gets turned Off.
Bypassing a plugin still retains its latency, as it should be. Else we would have big time dropouts that makes comparison pretty hard.