Midi Latency

Good Evening team,

Has anyone seen anything like this:

If I open a new project in Cubase 10 and choose instrument and some VST to start a midi insert I experience no noticeable latency. However, if I open any project that has pre-existing tracks and I follow the same process to start a midi insert I do experience latency.

This is odd and I have not been able to figure this one out. Any help is appreciated!

Disable all plugins with high plugin delay.

Thank you for your reply. I actually tried removing all plug ins except the VST I am trying and nothing worked. I still get latency on a project with existing tracks and no latency on brand new projects.

What means „I tried removing“? Did you remove them or not? Or did you disable (Not just bypass) them or not? If you have latency it is either from a high buffer size, or from one or more plugins with high plugin delay.

Thanks for this. I had Izotope Ozone 9 on my Stereo Out and it automatically runs at 1024 samples (basically a mixdown plugin) - which really slowed my midi output down. I hadn’t considered this and it explains why my blank project windows were behaving differently with VST instruments. Removing this sorted things.

Another thing, I’m not really a keyboard player so I haven’t spent much time or $ investment in keyboards but I was always puzzled how my VST Sound files were so fat (24.4 G) and, while I could see all these HSSE sound files there, they never came up in the HSSE VST instrument sound bank. After looking at things I finally stumbled onto the option to open the Steinberg Library from within HSSE… and eventually clicked on ‘All Sound Files’ (!!!) and I’m now able to access all the sound files in the Steinberg Library. Wow, I should get out more…

Switch the limiter to the one at the top of the limiter list. Possibly named LLC or similar.

Um…what? Not clear what you are saying here. Are you saying the Izotope has a limiter that doesn’t produce as much latency and I should use this? Or are you suggesting that I try another brand (Steinberg?) limiter on my Stereo Bus?

It’s all good here, for laying tracks with VST instruments, I don’t need any processing. What had happened was I had a mixdown Project window open with Ozone9 on the bus and I wanted to try a keyboard idea - this is where I ran into the latency and I didn’t understand the source of it. Once the track is recorded, I can just add Ozone9 again.

In ozone, in the master limiter, there are various modes, the one at the top of the list is a low latency one.

Hm. I just saw your suggestion here, mitchiemasha. I will try this.