Midi learn and associated midi controllers

Hi I am just starting to take the plunge in using VST live on gigs but already hitting a brick wall.
I have a studiologic sl88 and a panorama p1. I have just very basic midi learn setup but just struggling to get it to control arturia software. What I need to do is move into the instrument directly for example to use draw bars on the b3, but its just not working. I am beginning to think software is definitely not the way forward. so much hassle. my laptop 4.3 ghz i7 cpu its up and down like a prostitute knickers its so cpu heavy. When i just use cubase its great no issues. The key question is what is the best option to control the application and able to switch to control software in a live environment or is it just best to stick to my hardware synths. Driving round the bend. maybe the issue is vst live is just not good enough. not sure

You can use Quick Controls (upper right corner of plugin Editor “QC”), e.g. for drawbars:


Quick Controls (like many other items) can be controlled by MIDI Messages, see “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts.”

VST Live does not consume more CPU power than Cubase or any DAW for that matter. It entirely depends on which plugins you use, and of course how many instances, memory etc. Also to compare, audio device, sample rate, and latency (buffer size) settings need to match. Just start VST Live with a new project, there should not be significant CPU display - if there is, try “Help/Clean User Data”.