Midi Learn for Pay/Record not working properly with iRig Keys I/O

Hey all,

I tried to learn the Midi CC commands from my iRig Keys I/O which has only 2 buttons for play/record. For Stop you have to press the corresponding button a second time.

Both buttons are toogle switches: press play → play active/green LED on, press play again → playback stops/green LED off. Same for the record button.

This behaviour is implemented with to different CC messages for each button: one CC for on and one CC for off.

Now, here comes the thing: When I learn midi in Cubasis 3.3.3/iOS, I can only learn ONE CC message for the play button. The toggle functionality is implemented in Cubasis.
When I press play on the Keys, playback starts (CC message play start works). When I press play again to stop playback, the switch toggles as expected in the iRig Keys and sends the second CC message to Cubasis which has not been learned - this message is ignored.
When I press play again (toggles to ON on the Keys) it stops playing in Cubasis.

Is there a way to fix this?
Is this a feature request?



I had exactly the same button with a completely different hardware setup.

@LSlowak had me change the play button to use a midi note, as opposed to a CC, and it worked.

I hope that helps!

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Hi @dovjgoldman ,

thank you for your suggestion. I read again the iRig Keys I/O documentation. I seems, that the Play/Record touch buttons cannot be reprogrammed.

Best Oliver

Welcome to the world of Midi. Not everything plays well together.

Consider using some kind of translator like the BomeBox. I’ve had lots of success making all my gear play well together using this incredible solution.

Hi @OliverT,

I’ve shared your topic with our friends from IK Multimedia.
Let’s see what they will find out…


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