Midi Learn | Generic Remote

The learn function on my cubase 7 does not seem to be working. I worked once after changing the imput of MPD 226 “MIDI” as opposed to the separate MIdi Ports. It learned the notes when i pressed them but then didnt work in practice. I then tried to do the process again and cubase stopped learning the notes alltogether! (but i can see the midi info is being sent) the mpd works in terms of the pads but i cant use any of the transport controls, faders etc. because these need to be mapped using the generic remote, any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


The MIDI Learn function works, but it’s little bit tricky. You have to select the MIDI device in the MIDI Input first. Then, you have to click Apply button. Then, you can use MIDI Learn function.

And one more trick: the Generic Remote device learn even MIDI note Off (if the device can send it). But you don’t want to trigger the function by Note Off very often. So you have to press the key, then switch the Learn Off, and then release the key.

Thank you, this now works, I basically press apply whenever it comes just in case :slight_smile:
Thanks again!