MIDI learn in VST3


I have a question regarding MIDI learn capabilities in VST3. I know from a presentation by Yvan recently on ADC '17 that Steinberg is planning to improve MIDI learn in VST3. So, what would you suggest? Should virtual instrument developers wait until there is a new VST 3 update available, or what do you suggest as a best practice to support MIDI learn in VST3? For example, I saw that the new u-he Repro-5 synthesizer has MIDI learn support in VST3. Can it be achieved without “evil hacking”?

With “evil hacking” I mean the following. It would basically be possible to achieve MIDI learn by adding 128 fake parameters to the plugin controller that are able to catch MIDI CC events by implementing IMidiMapping::getMidiControllerAssignment().



currently best practice is to let the host handle this stuff. This way you don’t have to add these 128 “fake parameters”.


Thank you, Arne.