Midi Learn issue?

My Midi controller is a Yamaha Motif XS - when i open vsts in Cubase and use the modwheel it seems to always change cut off in the vst - I cant figure out how to stop this. could it be a Cubase setting or is it more likely hardware? I have a Korg nanocontrol and it also changes cut off using the fader set for cc1 … so perhaps its not the motif.

any suggestions appreciated.

**** Edit: I discovered that if I use Midi Learn to control eg Cutoff with modwheel, all the instruments I add to Cubase have the same Midi Learn for the Modwheel — even when I completely close the programme and open it again, a totally new project.
Is there some setting somewhere which I can control this Midi Learn function?


Where did you learn MIDI? In the Generic Remote Device, Quick Control, any dedicated VSTi?