Midi Learn not song specific

Maybe I’m doing something wrong? When I assign a MIDI cc to a GUI element it seems to be global. For example if I assign a pedal switch to mute a layer in a song, that pedal isn’t usable in other songs. In fact it mutes a layer in different songs. Also similar behavior when assigning cc faders to levels. It doesn’t seem to be song specific. Also I can’t assign cc to multiple targets. Let sat I want to mute one layer while unmuting another or cross fade two layers.

Any advice?

Hi @Charles_Faivre,

… that we’ve released VST Live 1.40.53. You can download it here. I tested your description with the following steps

  1. Start New Project
  2. Default Layer_2 is added.
  3. Enable Visual MIDI Learn, select the MUTE Control and press a MIDI Control.

  1. Remove the Visual MIDI Learn
  2. Press the Control and check if MUTE OFF works
  3. Mute OFF now
  4. Add a new Layer_2
  5. Press again the MIDI Control and check if it is working for Layer_2
  6. MUTE ON for Layer_2 now
  7. Select Layer_1 and check if MUTE is Off for that layer

Can you confirm? If you are using with Shared Layer the controls will be in sync if “Shared Audio Controls global” is active in the Preferences

… sorry, that’s not supported.


Ok. This is what happens.

  • With Shared Midi Controls Global on

  • With Shared Audio Controls Global on

  • New Project created

  • New Layer with defaults created

  • Assign CC to Mute Layer -Works as expected

  • Create new song with a new layer (not a shared layer)

  • In the new song, Activate cc that controls mute for prior song

  • Mute Activates on this Song Layer! This is bad. The CC assignments must be song specific and independent from each other . What if I want to reuse that controller switch for another purpose on an other song? And I don’t want to mute this layer with this particular CC switch on this second song?

Is this the intended behavior?

They are not. It clearly says “1st Layer, 2nd Layer” etc. “reuse that controller” is not supported as of yet.
We will add individual value controls later which is probably what you want, these will be specific to an object (Layer, Stack etc) and Song/Part dependent.

OK. I misunderstood how the midi learn function works. I think I can do most of what I need in the CC map table anyway. As far has controlling levels, It just has to be layer order specific to which hardware knob is used.

Thanks for the reply.