Midi learn: noteon and CC problem

I’m using an midicontroller (Push2). It has 64 pads, from noteon36 to noteon99. It has also a lot of buttons with CC data.

I have to try adding one of those buttons to the KeyCommands-NoteEdit - Lower pitch by octave. This is value CC54.
When pressing the button and lose the button it will press two times (like on and off) so the function Lower pitch by octave is fired two times (two octaves down).

This is also the same when I’m adding an button (CCvalue) the from my Roland JV30 to the midi learn.

This is not the most urgent problem, but I will let you know this problem. I don’t know of this is a bug.

Is it possible to configure the Push2 such that it only emits a single note message for each button press?

I’m afraid not. I will contact Ableton. It feels like when I push very softly it will only sends a single note message. The pads (notes) are working well.

Can you use a MIDI monitor program to see what messages it’s actually sending? Here’s a free one you can download: Snoize MIDI Monitor. Can you attach or paste in a log showing what messages are sent when you press one of the buttons?