MIDI learn recognizes wrong insert


After my attempt to control some things with MIDI in this thread

I found following: if you try to recognize with MIDI learn an insert in a stack you get this (in this example third insert in a stack):

The insert is recognized under “channel”. But correct should be under “stack”. If I set up this manually, this way

it works.

… oh, thank you, we’ll check,

Each Stack has a channel in the mixer (mixing its output, and the 2 Fx channels). So you can program actions for inserts of a channel, which may be the Stacks’ channel or not, plus the Stack inserts, which are different and independent items belonging to the Stack.

… ah, VL gets into trouble when the Action was learned with the visual MIDI Learn option. It’s fixed now and ready with the next update,

Hello Michael, I can confirm that the midi learn for stack’s inserts now works well. Thank you!
I tried with 1.4.7.