Midi "Learn"

I’m using waves plugins.
Is there a way to asign the controllers from Steinberg Huston to control buttons and controlers on the SSL Channel Strip for instance?
Long story short - I don’t want to use mouse to change the value on the virtual knobs.
I read cubase manual but it’s written in none human been language in that section… :wink: -at least for me…

I’m not sure if waves supports this, but any track exposed automation has worked for me so far.

On the track with the waves plug, Open the Quick Controls. In one of the slots, drop down the list and drill down in the “Ins” folder and find the value you want to automate.
Then go to Device Setup_> Quick Controls, select the slot you put the thing you want to automate in, click learn, fiddle on the knob on houston.

Got an old video for you here covering quick controls - might be handy for you >


I alreadi like the new forum better! As I can see you can even post screen print on it.
Thank you guys!!! :mrgreen:

For everybody that use Steinberg Houston.
Again - thanks guys for good hints.
But I went even farther. I read houston manual again and again. And all of the sudden I found the solution!!! :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:
Steinberg Houston supports all of that. Without any extra set up.
Just instert any - I mean - any fx in to the “insert” slot on your Cubase mixer.(even UAD plugs are supported!)
On Houston board, under “Selected Channel” - press Insterts soft button. It’s a third soft button right over the third knob from the left. (i try to paste alt/screen print but I don’t know how- JMCecil- how did you do that?!?)
After you press Insert, on the screen you will see from the left: IFX 1(turning knob 1 switching between inserts if you have more than one on the track), On(turning the knob switching on/of on the effect), UAD (name of your inserted FX - be careful - turning this knob changing your insert FX :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:
By pressing Page down or up - right next to screen- you will find all controls assigned to the plugins. So if you use compressor for instance you will have threshold, ratio, attack, release etc.
It’s so easy. No extra setup, no assigning midi channels. Just insert and work with it. No more mouse pointing and such problems.
Thank you guys again - you lead me to it!

We desperately need MIDI learn to assign VST parameters to physical controllers. Most other DAWs have sported one-click MIDI learn for years! I am surprised Cubase has some of the most advanced features of all DAWs yet it lacks this basic and really useful feature. Live, Reaper, Studio One, Sonar, Logic all have MIDI learn. In Reaper you can assign “Set MIDI learn for last touched FX parameter” to a keystroke or even a button on your MIDI controller. All you need to do is move the control in the GUI, hit the MIDI learn button, turn the knob and you’re done. In Presonus Studio One users can use drag-and-drop to link plug-in parameters to physical controls, again a one-click affair. Some plug-ins have overwhelmingly huge lists of parameters and often times the exposed parameter names don’t match the labels on the VST GUI which makes it very difficult to find what you are looking for. If Cubase could at least highlight the last tweaked parameter in the parameter list that would already be a massive step forward, and surely it can do that because Cubase can record automation, which means it knows when you tweak a knob on a plug-in GUI.

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Yes, it’s a little too messy to waste your time on. “Learn” would make it manageable.