Midi Legato before record? (Live)

Hi, I have a drumset that I would like to have working with an 80s retro vst, but the vst when you play it on a keyboard stops the sound when you release the trigger pad. Is there a way that I can play my drums live, but tell the notes to sustain legato until I strike for example the snare again? Otherwise on a drumset it’s just going to momentarily trigger. I am not asking about editing the midi notes after the recording, but forcing it to legato live, as I’m recording with the electronic kit. Thank you for the replies!

-I am on Cubase 10.5 Pro, current version.

Hi and welcome,

This depends on the instrument you are using. What VSTi do you use?

If you use Groove Agent, select the sample, then the Sample tab click to the button above Reverse. Choose One Shot or Continuous option here, please.

I’m using RetroHit by Beatskillz, I seem to remember figuring it out on groove agent some years ago(that is, getting the samples to extend out till the next hit), but that was a much older version of Cubase, and I thought there was some way of being able to, regardless of vst, forcing the midi to act a certain way. For the most part I have been drawing in the basic synthwave beats, and I remember trying to do it on beatpads but it would cut off as soon as I pressed it. Same for when I tried the other night to do it on my Alesis drumkit. I’m wondering if I could put a vst infront of the RetroHit, and tell it to do that to my midi signals.

The point is to get a different flavor of 80s drums where it wasn’t just the techno/dance beat that we hear today. And to where I can perform it and not have to have it so sterile sounding by drawing it in, and don’t want to ‘humanize’ it either. Anyways thanks for the reply!