Midi legato continuing repeating notes

I have several cloned clips with the same notes. Since these are Strings, I would like the repeated notes to continue without releasing them. I could glue them together, but I would like to be able to edit chords and notes flexibly.
Is it possible to do this in Cubase? Maybe some midi plugin removes the release commands from the midi stream.

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In theory, you could use MIDI Transformer. Something like (pseudocode):
if (MIDI Note Nr: Pitch == MIDI Note 1) || (MIDI Note Nr: Pitch == MIDI Note 2) && (MIDI Note Velocity == 0) then filter out

But you would need to bypass this Transformer before the end of the song and sent the last MIDI Note Off (== MIDI Note On with Velocity 0).

Much easier is to glue the MIDI Parts and extend the 2 MIDI Notes in question. You can type the Length or the End position in the Info View very quickly.

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I would do this (and I do use this method often), by extending the part by one bar and pull out the notes you need to the correct length.

Then copy the part but do it on alternating tracks. This was you can clearly see the overlaps and also easily edit the individual parts.

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