Midi Legato?

What does this command do? I can’t get it to do anything. I’d like to make sure that the melodic line I played are all actually overlapping in order to trigger the legato transition of some patches. Should I be using this command or the legato scaling?

MIDI -> Legato makes a MIDI note longer, until the begin of the following MIDI note. So there will be no gaps between notes. Very useful for pads and basses, but only works as described, when your MIDI track is monophonic.

Hope this helps.


You can also set the amount of overlap when using the Legato function in the Preferences. It’s under Editing -> MIDI.


it makes notes longer if you move the slider on the right side. If you move it on left side, it makes notes shorter.

What is important: this is non-destructive, so you can find previously value easy: set the slider to zero. And all changes of all selected notes are realative.


perfect, thanks.