midi list edit problem

Hi. I noticed today that when I tried to delete a program change event in the midi list edit, it would delete all the subsequent notes as well. Tried again after firing up in cubase safe mode and it worked as expected. So, the question is: will I have to trash preferences and start over [lots of scanning and tweaking and setting up again, yawn]? Or is there just a file relating to midi editing that I can delete in the preferences folder Cubase 10_64 - which will then renew when I launch cubase again?
many thanks in anticipation


I can’t come to the file, where this kind of information could be stored.

Of course, I would recommend to backup your preferences folder. Then you can copy the settings from the old one (at least Key Commands should work and help) to the new one. Or you can Save a Profile (Edit menu) and the try to load it to the new Cubase to save as most as possible of your old Cubase.