MIDI List Editor Remembers “Hide” Checkbox Settings But Does Not Display Them

Let’s say I open a MIDI event in the List Editor. There are a lot of controller events that I don’t want to see, so I tap the Hide: Controller checkbox and they disappear from the display. So far, so good. I close the List Editor.

Now it turns out that I need to look at the controller events after all. So I open the List Editor again on the same event, but no controller events are visible, even though the Hide: Controller checkbox is not checked now. Where did they go?

It turns out that the List Editor remembers the Hide: checkbox settings from the last time. The problem is, it does not display those settings in the Hide: checkboxes. The List Editor is actually still hiding the controller events, it’s just not telling me that it’s doing that.

So if I tap the Hide: Controller check box twice, my controller events reappear in the List Editor window.

This is a confusing bug that ought to be pretty easy to fix. I hope they get this done in the first update release.


You are right, there is a bug. The window always opens with all options disabled graphically.

Reported to Steinberg, thank you.