Midi List Editor

Hi there,
We have decided to use VSTL for our gigs in the future. I’m creating our set list at this time. The audio mixer and the instruments are controlled via program change or cc messages. I have to generate these messages in the MIDI List Editor “offline”.

Currently the following steps are required for each message in a selected MIDI track.

  1. drawing an empty MIDI event
  2. positioning the timeline pointer
  3. activating the dropdown menue “EDIT”
  4. select “MIDI List Editor”
  5. click “+” for a new event
  6. select an event
  7. select a MIDI channel
    8.definition of the transmission data

That’s really a lot of steps for creating a simple “program change”.
Some DAW apps show an easier way to accomplish this task.

  1. A button in the midi editor window, to have the choose between “piano role” and “list editor” view. (I think this function should be global.)
  2. In the list editor view a new event will be created by pressing the button (+) in a selected MIDI track at the timeline pointer. Now the event function could be defined.

At this time, the start time for an event can be changed in the MIDI List editor popup window. Unfortunately the changes are ignored by the system. The event sticks still to the timeline pointer position. In my opinion,- that should work!
Is there a way that I missed?
At the moment I copy and paste events to other tracks and edit them afterwards to speed up the task.

1 seems like a good idea, we’ll have a look.
2 we are looking at simpler ways, but actually once you’re in the MIDI List Editor, creating and editing events is just that. Also it works the same way with other programs.

Nevertheless, all of what you listed works flawlessly here.
You may want to extend the MIDI event to cover your whole Song if you “think” track-based.

There is no problem changing the position, unless it exceeds the events’ boundaries which may be your problem? Just drag the track event until it covers the area you want to edit.

Thanks for your answer. I think starting the Midi List Editor could simply be done with a shortcut.