MIDI Logical Edit selection request

I want to create a MIDI Logical Edit (or macro) for the following.

  1. I select some notes in the editor
  2. The Logical Edit expands the selection to the nearest barline
  3. Duplicate the note data.

For example, I have a bar with the first two eighth notes only. If I select these and duplicate, now they will be positioned as the second two eighth notes in the bar or something. I want them to be the first two eighth notes of the second bar.

Duplicate is easy enough, but is there a command to change from a note selection to a range selection? Thanks for your help.

You can make a macro and assign it to a key command. I don’t know the exact terms because I’m not at my computer, but the macro would be something like “copy” - “next bar” - “paste”. Play around until you figure it out. :slight_smile:

Yeah it is annoying how the duplication starts immediately after the selection.

My cheap workaround is to add an additional 1 bar (or multiple bars) note below where my real notes are. Then mute this note. Now if you include this dummy note when you duplicate those notes they will all remain aligned with the bar lines. When the duplication is finished I use a LE Preset to delete all the muted notes.

Not elegant, but it works fine in a quick & dirty way.

IMHO, it’s an excellent method and a good example of how to make use of “muted notes.”

This can be done using the Insert function of the L.E.

Property: Property is Set: Event Is Selected

Position: Add: ppq

Function: Insert

This works for most anything in the Key Editor or Score Editor, including CCs, text, dynamics, etc.

Thanks, but does not work. If the eighth notes are at the start of the bar, they are pasted on the second beat of the next bar. I would like them pasted at the start of the next bar.

Are you adding that note manually, or is there a way to script it?

Is there a way to expand the selection to the bar line? I can set Locators to Selection, [somehow expand selection to bar divisions], then duplicate. Any clues for that middle step?

Thanks everyone.

Of course it does work. I test the solutions I post.

From your reply you’re in 3/4 so adjust the corresponding parameter so the right number of beats is added to the position.

Thank you, can you tell what I’m doing wrong? I would like the notes to paste at the downbeat of 94, instead they are 3 beats in somehow.

The selection shouldn’t add time, because I would need a different script for every possibility. It should round to the nearest bar.

I did give the info needed, but an understanding of the vocabulary and parameters are needed in order to profit from the example.


edit: I was able to see your pics. It should work.

If all you ever want is to do is copy and paste on the downbeat of the next bar, bender-offender gave a good suggestion.
Really, the best thing would be to get more familiar with what Cubase can do via key commands and macros, and to understand the scope and functions of the Logical Editor, in a general way. This is quite a simple function you’re trying to make happen, and will be easy down the line.

you should adjust the ppq amount added, so it corresponds to your time signature.