MIDI Logical Editor Formula Needed

Hi - I own Cubase 13 pro and I’d like to understand if it is possible to achieve the following with The Logical Editor:

I’d like to draw a single note, i.e. C, cut it in sixteen notes |cccc|cccc|cccc|cccc| and then create a “rhythmic” random pattern in 1/16s of the same note in the same line |c c |c cc| ccc|ccc |

How could I achive that, in your opinion?


The closest you’ll get is with the Project Input Transformer. However, I’m not sure it allows to process MIDI information to that extent.


My recommendation is to use either Max/MSP or UVI Falcon.

Max/MSP, along with a virtual MIDI port, allows you to program and route MIDI data into Cubase.

UVI Falcon is a VST and you are able to program your own MIDI sequencers and send that data directly into a channel into Cubase. This can be scripted with the Lua language.

Unfortunately, neither of these options allows you to transform MIDI directly in Cubase. You would have to write the MIDI data in the other respective softwares.

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Yeah, I think that’s possible, although a bit indirectly. You can’t have it just randomly pick a Note to delete. But you could randomize some parameter and then use that parameter to select which Notes to delete.

For example you could have a Logical Editor Preset that randomly sets the Note’s Velocity between 1 and 100. Then have a second LE Preset that Deletes Notes with Velocities less than 50 for having half the Notes get deleted. You can change the cutoff value to adjust the % of Notes that get Deleted.


@estevancarlos @raino
Thank you for your kind answers.
I’ll look into them

This is my work around based on @raino answer:

-Draw a long midi note line
-select the scissors tool, then press Alt + click on a 1/16 note, and you get all 1/16 notes
-Use LE to set random velocity from 0 to 100.
-Go to Midi>Functions>Delete notes and delete notes below 50 velocity
-Use LE and set all the remaining notes at 100 in velocity
-Bonus: go to LE and randomize velocity +/-10 for “humanizing”