MIDI Logical Editor guru needed

Former Cakewalk/Sonar user here - CW has a “Length” function which enables hugely variable results by changing midi note start times and/or durations by any desired %. In a frequent use-case, I might midi-record a VSTi violin run of say 12 sixteenths, select the notes, and then vary the Start Times by say 90% to create a faster run. Often I’ll use trial and error with different values in the interface to achieve the desired result. I’ve not found a similar function in CB, but imagine the midi logical editor is the answer. Might someone here provide guidance - perhaps a MLE preset example? I’ve spent hundreds of hours getting to know CB (10.5) but this escapes me thus far…
Many thanks!
(Here is screenshot of the CW function interface:)

I made a video for you!

P.S. Stop thinking like Cakewalk. I did it :slight_smile: I was Cakewalk user for many years. Now I don’t anymore want these nice features, because we have Cubase :slight_smile:

And another quick video for you, mate! :slight_smile:

This one covers all your cakewalker’s needs :slight_smile:

Dear Mr Logical Editor Guru,

Could you please tell me if there is a way to achieve the following, If you could I would be very grateful.

I would like to be able to Add to the length of a note by the currently selected Grid. E.g.

  1. Grid is set to 16th notes, I would like to add 1/16th to the length of the note(s).

  2. Grid is set to 8th notes, I would like to add 1/8th to the length of the note(s).

Currently I just add some PPQ’s (whatever they are) and then use Quantize MIDI Event Ends to line it up with the grid. I would rather a one command option if it were available.

Many thanks ANeeman! Very helpful - 2 different ways to achieve the desired result. Nice. I am more accustomed to doing midi editing in the Key Editor, but I will try both of your techniques and see which suits me the best. Always nice for this old dog to learn some new tricks! Thanks again.

I add 0,0,1,0 PPQ to the Length of notes and it is 1/16th. So if I add 0,0,2,0 PPQ, it adds 1/8th to the notes. Easy. To clarify let’s make a table:
0,0,1,0 - 1/16th
0,0,2,0 - 2/16th = 1/8th
0,0,3,0 - 3/16th = f*ck
0,0,4,0 = 0,1,0,0 - 4/16th = 1/4th
0,2,0,0 - half note
0,3,0,0 - 3/4th
0,4,0,0 = 1,0,0,0 - whole note

Hope this helps :wink:

Simply use the command meant for that, Nudge> End Right, and Nudge> End Left to shorten.

You’re welcome! It’s nice that it helped :slight_smile:

In the MIDI Logical Editor in upper list you can add second condition:
Property -> Property is set - Event is selected
Then it will apply your logical actions to selected notes only.

Steve, some of us wants to be more precise and work with numbers by entering them.

What are you talking about? The question was

I would like to be able to Add to the length of a note by the currently selected Grid.

Nudge end does precisely that.

Thanks Mr Logical Editor Guru and Steve. Both methods have there benefits. I really like the LE version because now I no longer need to change the grid before extending notes. Now I have 1/16 1/8th 1/4 etc. all on there own button on my generic remote. Awesomeness! Thanks again. :smiley:

Steve, please tell me that my method does it wrong :smiley:
And what you will tell if somebody changed these default key commands (default for nudge left/right)? Will you teach them how to assign new ones? Nope! So as an old programmer i offered the best method which is safe from accidental change of key commands. Please take this in count :wink:

In case you don’t want to change grid, Nudge left/right method won’t work for you, right?

That is correct. I have just set up my generic remote with these LE presets and am sure they will save me some time. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

ANeeman, Cubase provides multiple methods to get a thing done. Sorry you feel defensive, but I said nothing about the merit of your suggestions and just provided a narrow response answering the question asked.

@ANeeman Do you happen to know how to make chords polyphonic legato with the project logical editor?
Example: I have some block chords for synth pads or for an arpeggiator and need them to fit right next to each other. Quantize length does not work as the chord blocks themselves have all individual durations.

@doricardo, from menu MIDI -> Functions -> Legato.
If your chords are quatized, then this funktion will work. Try! Otherwise I will check what’s possible in logical editor.

I saw a video today made by Cubase (Greg Ondo) on youtube. 3 hours of live streaming and Greg was working around many questions he receive live. One of them was right about logical editor and chords (somewhere in 1st hour). Search for it there.

It’s okay. I just felt at start that he wants something different than simple Nudge.