Midi Logical Editor Select Last Edited Note

I am using the MIDI Logical Editor in Cubase 13 and trying to create a chain of presets that will apply pitchbend values to the beginning and end of a note.

I have each preset working correctly:

But I am running into trouble chaining the presets together.

I tried putting the two presets together in a Macro, but it seems that after executing the first preset, the MIDI editor de-selects the note that it was applied to and the second preset has no context to apply itself to.

Is it possible to set up a MIDI logical editor function to re-select the last selected note?

Not sure if this works with your scenario, but I just tested adding two additional steps into the middle of the macro (between the two Pitchbend insertions)

Navigate right
Navigate left

i.e. the macro looking like this:

This seemed to work in my quick little test

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Thank you, Nico5.

The navigate method worked. I tweaked it a little for my use case, where I want the note to bend down over the length of the note, and added a preset to reset the pitch bend at the end. Unfortunately, the logical editor doesn’t seem to apply a fade between the two, but that part is a breeze manually compared to lining up the pitchbend points when a lot of notes are present.


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